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Hello, dear loving fashion!
I managed to get back in the mini-vacation and soon will post pictures on the blog, but until then I want to introduce you to a site of clothes with a totally special, it is StyleWe. This site is a paradise for their clients, I found them dresses, blouses, pants, bags exactly what we need every day.

Just look at her dress a little above. His model is absolutely superb, the owner will look great in the dress ordered. But in our country do not find something, I carols all Craiova and only dresses that we have found are those where no grandma does not dress. In online but you just need the address of this site and of course some time to look for the perfect dress.

We pass in the category of tops, here we are faced by other great products, but we need patience because there are 90 pages of products. Each is beautiful and matches an outfit to me was my hardest to go in this category because I did not know what to choose first.

But you know and I can not stay away from dresses so I got in floral maxi dress category. Lately I kind of gained weight and therefore have to look after older or dress to hide small defects. This category is all I needed, is 200 pages with dresses and all that fits me? Already I thought I was dreaming. For example dress above it is wonderful, not to mention that I will surely hide flaws and in addition, I will feel good about it. The price is quite ok if we consider how difficult it is to find your size dresses…

And I found a dress as beautiful but with a lower price throughout this site, if you look carefully at all the products are sure you will find something that you enjoy and which will not exceed the budget. Every dress, every shirt is wonderful in its own way and if it manages to get your attention then it is perfect.

II can find those at StyleWe and social media at the following addresses:


StyleWe Blog:

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